Regarding unauthorized imitation of Björk design

That Design House Stockholm has a unique, distinct, and much appreciated range of products is a well-known fact. One item from this range is the series of products under the name BJÖRK created by award-winning designer Lena Bergström.

Towards the end of the year 2014 it came to the notice of Design House Stockholm that an unauthorized copy (plagiary) of BJÖRK was available on the market, a rug called Corsica produced by the Danish company Kilroy Indbo A/S.

Following Design House Stockholm’s initial legal proceedings against Kilroy Indbo A/S, the latter decided to cease marketing and sale of the Corsica rug immediately. The background to this decision is that, following a closer investigation, Kilroy found that Corsica had, mistakenly and in too far a degree, without authorization, come to liken the copyright protected BJÖRK design. Kilroy’s decision has caused Design House Stockholm to end litigation in this matter.

Design House Stockholm, which welcomes healthy competition, attaches great value to the work of its designers. Accordingly, Design House Stockholm AB seeks to safeguard its copyright interests, while purchasers of items from Design House Stockholm shall remain confident that, having acquired a unique and distinct design, we shall not allow this to become the object of unwarranted imitation.

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