In the imaginative mind of
Saša Antić

Cups turned into buildings in a miniature world, a dress made of knotty cushions and a fox in the moss. This is what’s on display when Saša Antić let’s his imagination run wild. For this year’s Formex fair we invited the enigmatic stylist to interpret our brand and designers in his own special way. With his international style flavoured with humour and a certain panache Saša has become somewhat of a stylist celebrity. He is a very busy man who literally runs between different projects and gigs and he’s not very keen on being in the limelight. In between adding the right amount of moss and adjusting skirt hems made of pillows we sat him down for a quick chat about what’s on his mind, thoughts on Scandinavian design and how you can bring your own design to life without having a producer.

A dollhouse given to Saša as child is what sparked his interest in interior design.

- Rather than playing with dolls I wanted to re-decorate, paint the walls and pick out wallpaper.

His dreams about the perfect dollhouse lived on but it wasn’t until much later in life that the career as a stylist introduced itself. After working as a host for a kids’ TV show (!) he was inspired by his many friends in the fashion business to go freelance as an interior stylist. Since then he’s been working with Swedish magazines picking out his favourite design objects and such. Today he enjoys being senior stylist at Plaza Interiör among other things.

But what about his relationship with Design House Stockholm?

- It started when we were shooting the autumn campaign for 2016. It took place at Vida Art Musuem on Öland. It was such a beautiful setting and I wanted to work with the scenography.

- Design House Stockholm has for a long time been on my top three list of design companies to work with, he continues. The fact that it’s a publishing house makes it a platform for many talented designers. You never have to feel alone.

Since then Saša Antić has been closely connected to Design House Stockholm. He was one of the six stylists that were invited to design a display window each for the celebration of Design House Stockholm’s 25th birthday at prestigious department store NK in Stockholm. At Formex visitors can see a miniature homage to the greenhouse-like construction filled with Harri Koskinens Block Lamp seen at NK.

- Design House Stockholm has a very specific design language that I like and my ambition was to add a little bit of humour and softness. Nothing revolutionising, nothing spectacular but something that makes people stop and smile. It felt natural to put Catharina Kippel’s design for the Elsa Beskow collection in kind of John Bauer landscape, bringing the nature closer to the characters, Saša says.

Nature is a huge source of inspiration for Saša Antić. Inspiration comes to him the most during fall and he absolutely loves when a storm is brewing and the sky turns all dark blue, grey and black. Light and poetry are his muses. But art is probably what inspires him the most. A lot of his free time is spent on museums and galleries in Stockholm and around the world. In his work, he travels a lot. Recently he spent 7 months in New York, which wasn’t really what he expected it to be.

- When I’d been there for a while I couldn’t help but thinking ‘What am I doing here?’. USA is terrible when it comes to working with design and interior. All the great designers are back home, so I went home again.

- I love Scandinavian design and there are so many great designers, both old and new. Also, the scene has changed. Today you don’t have to have a producer or a contract to produce your own design. If you are passionate enough and willing to spend money on your design and beliefs, you can do it.

Saša Antić aren’t just talking about Swedish newcomers that have made it into the design world while being small scale. He himself has brought some of his designs to life.

- Instead of finding a producer I’ve established good contact with some very talented cabinet-makers. Some friends of mine have already put in orders, so we’ll see where I’ll take it from there.

It’s never a dull moment with Saša Antić and we are very excited to see what his next big project will be. One thing is certain, he has a very special place in the Design House Stockholm family.

Saša Antić’s portrait is taken by Joakim Rolandsson

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